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Book Chapter

Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of UNi2Al3 and UPd2Al3

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Geibel, C., Böhm, A., Bredl, C. D., Caspary, R., Grauel, A., Hiess, A., et al. (1993). Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of UNi2Al3 and UPd2Al3. In G. Oomi, H. Fujii, & T. Fujita (Eds.), Transport and Thermal Properties of f-Electron Systems (pp. 175-184). New York: Springer US.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0019-DD1A-1
We present and discuss the transport and thermodynamic properties of the new heavy-fermion superconductors UNi2Al3 and UPd2Al3. Analysis of the normal-state properties of UPd2Al3 indicates pronounced crystal-field effects and suggests a 5f2 configuration with a lowest-lying singlet. From the shifts of the maxima in the resistivity and susceptibility to higher temperatures when replacing Pd by Ni we deduce an increase by a factor of 3 in the crystal field splitting Δ. The energy scale for the screening of the 5f electrons appears to scale with Δ, leading to the observed reduction of the ordered moment on going from the Pd- to the Ni-compound. The specific heat in the superconducting state of UPd2Al3 shows many similarities to the specific heat of other heavy fermion superconductors. The temperature dependence of the thermodynamic critical field determined from the specific heat is close to the result of the BCS-theory.