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Kristallstruktur einer racemischen Lipid-Doppelschicht bestimmt mit Synchrotronstrahlung

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Lehmann, C. W., Buschmann, J., Luger, P., Demoulin, C., Fuhrhop, J.-H., & Eichhorn, K. (1990). Kristallstruktur einer racemischen Lipid-Doppelschicht bestimmt mit Synchrotronstrahlung. Acta Crystallographica Section B, 46, 646-650. doi:10.1107/S010876819000492X.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0024-C259-4
NH4-.C18H32NO6-, Mr = 376,49, triclinic, PT, a = 6.248(5), b=7.955(5), c=23.527(10) Å, α=96.32(5), β=95.36(5), ϒ=73.61(5)°, V=1112.6Å3, Z=2, Dx=1.12 gcm-3, λ=0.4606 (9) Å [synchrotron radiation, Ge(lll) monochromator], μ (λ=0.45Å)=0.393 cm-1, F(000)=412, T=295 K. For a crystal having dimensions of 280×80x16 μm, intensity data for 2067 reflections with sinθ/λ < 0.5Å-1 were collected with synchrotron radiation at the DORIS storage ring (HASYLAB, Hamburg). Final R(F) = 0.048 for 1047 independent observed reflections. In the crystal the molecules form racemic interdigitated bilayers with a tail-to-tail arrangement of centrosymmetrically related molecules.