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An integrated SDN architecture for applications relying on huge, geographically dispersed datasets

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Georgi, A., Budich, R. G., Meeres, Y., Sperber, R., & Hérenger, H. (2013). An integrated SDN architecture for applications relying on huge, geographically dispersed datasets. In INFOCOMP 2013: The Third International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation (pp. 129-134). International Academy, Research, and Industry Association.

The target of our effort is the definition of a dynamic network architecture meeting the requirements of applications competing for reliable high performance network resources. These applications have different requirements regarding reliability, bandwidth, latency, predictability, quality, reliable lead time and allocatability. At a designated instance in time a virtual network has to be defined automatically for a limited period of time, based on an existing physical network infrastructure, which implements the requirements of an application. We suggest an integrated Software Defined Network (SDN) architecture providing highly customizable functionalities required for efficient data transfer. It consists of a service interface towards the application and an open network interface towards the physical infrastructure. Control and forwarding plane are separated for better scalability. This type of architecture allows to negotiate the reservation of network resources involving multiple applications with different requirement profiles within multi-domain environments.