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Surface resonances versus surface states on Fe(110)

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Braun, J., Math, C., Postnikov, A., & Donath, M. (2002). Surface resonances versus surface states on Fe(110). Physical Review B, 65(18): 184412.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0027-4189-1
The spin-dependent surface electronic structure of ferromagnetic Fe(110) is investigated experimentally and theoretically. Spin-resolved, inverse-photoemission results show a complex multipeak structure close to the Fermi level. Part of it is surface derived with an unexpected spin dependence and light-polarization dependence. The puzzling experimental findings are interpreted on the basis of a comprehensive theoretical analysis. Electronic slab calculations find surface-related features, caused by the crystal-vacuum interface, only well below the Fermi level. Calculations of the (inverse) photoemission intensities within the relativistic one-step model based on a bulk band structure, but with a realistic surface barrier, reveal an additional surface resonance around the Fermi level. Its nearly vanishing exchange splitting at Gamma and abnormal energy dispersion behavior as a function of the wave vector parallel to the surface are in accordance with the experimental findings.