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Collected Edition

Discourse studies in Mesoamerican languages 2: Texts

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Jones, L. K. (Ed.). (1979). Discourse studies in Mesoamerican languages 2: Texts. Dallas: SIL and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0026-C55B-9
Contains: 'Rabbit, coyote, and skunk; When people die: Lachixio Zapotec' by Persons, David // 'About the thunderman (Tsʼe̱ nda̱chʼo̱n): Mazatec of Jalapa de Diaz' by Schram, Terry L. and Judith L. Schram, editors // 'The house of palms: Huasteca Nahuatl' by Beller, Richard and Patricia Beller // 'Domingo Morillo and the fox (Romínko Morio; Geyóči): Western Tarahumara' by Burgess, Donald H // 'Three thieves (Ok alkʼom): Aguacatec' by McArthur, Harry S. and Lucille E. McArthur, editors // 'The boa (Ju̱qui̱ʼ lu̱huaʼ): Northern Totonac' by Bishop, Ruth G. and Aileen A. Reid // 'The old woman and the town authorities: Cajonos Zapotec' by Nellis, Donald G // 'Frog and deer story; Orange tree story; Rabbit and coyote story: Coatzan Mixtec' by Small, Priscilla C., editor