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Magnetic dimers and trimers in the disordered S=3/2 spin system BaTi1/2Mn1/2O3


Sichelschmidt,  J.
Jörg Sichelschmidt, Physics of Quantum Materials, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Max Planck Society;

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Garcia, F. A., Kaneko, U. F., Granado, E., Sichelschmidt, J., Hölzel, M., Duque, J. G. S., et al. (2015). Magnetic dimers and trimers in the disordered S=3/2 spin system BaTi1/2Mn1/2O3. Physical Review B, 91: 224416, pp. 1-8. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.91.224416.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0027-A8CE-F
We report a structural-magnetic investigation by x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), neutron diffraction, dc susceptibility (χdc), and electron spin resonance (ESR) of the 12R-type perovskite BaTi1/2Mn1/2O3. Our structural analysis by neutron diffraction supports the existence of structural trimers with chemically disordered occupancy of Mn4+ and Ti4+ ions, with the valence of the Mn ions confirmed by the XAS measurements. The magnetic properties are explored by combining dc-susceptibility and X-band (9.4 GHz) electron spin resonance, both in the temperature interval of 2≤T≤1000 K. A scenario is presented under which the magnetism is explained by considering magnetic dimers and trimers, with exchange constants Ja/kB=200(2) K and Jb/kB=130(10) K, and orphan spins. Thus, BaTi1/2Mn1/2O3 is proposed as a rare case of an intrinsically disordered S=32 spin gap system with a frustrated ground state.