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Response to comment on article: hydrodynamics of sperm cells near surfaces


Kaupp,  U. B.
Department of Molecular Sensory Systems, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (caesar), Max Planck Society;

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Elgeti, J., Kaupp, U. B., & Gompper, G. (2011). Response to comment on article: hydrodynamics of sperm cells near surfaces. Biophysical Journal, 100(9), 2321-2324.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0028-61FA-5
In the Comments to a recent study by Elgeti, Kaupp, and Gompper, the authors state that we attributed differences between our study and a previous study by Smith et al. to methodolodical flaws in the latter article. This interpretation is unwarranted. However, the authors raise the interesting possibility that species-specific details of cell morphology might account for the different predictions concerning the distance d of adhering sperm from the surface. We present new simulation results, which show that the density distribution as a function of d strongly depends on midpiece curvature and head size