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Switchable reconfiguration of an interlocked DNA olympiadane nanostructure

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Lu, C. H., Qi, X. J., Cecconello, A., Jester, S. S., Famulok, M., & Willner, I. (2014). Switchable reconfiguration of an interlocked DNA olympiadane nanostructure. Angewandte Chemie (International English), 53(29), 7499-503. doi:10.1002/anie.201403202.

Interlocked DNA rings (catenanes) are interesting reconfigurable nanostructures. The synthesis of catenanes with more than two rings is, however, hampered, owing to low yields of these systems. We report a new method for the synthesis of catenanes with a controlled number of rings in satisfactory yields. Our approach is exemplified by the synthesis of a five-ring DNA catenane that exists in four different configurations. By the use of nucleic acids as "fuels" and "antifuels", the cyclic reconfiguration of the system across four states is demonstrated. One of the states, olympiadane, corresponds to the symbol of the Olympic Games. The five-ring catenane was implemented as a mechanical scaffold for the reconfiguration of Au NPs. The advantages of DNA catenanes over supramolecular catenanes include the possibility of generating highly populated defined states and the feasibility of tethering nanoobjects to the catenanes, which act as a mechanical scaffold to reconfigure the nanoobjects.