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Theory of BSCCO bicrystal c-axis twist Josephson junctions: A new phase-sensitive test of order parameter symmetry


Klemm,  R. A.
Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Max Planck Society;

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Klemm, R. A. (2002). Theory of BSCCO bicrystal c-axis twist Josephson junctions: A new phase-sensitive test of order parameter symmetry. In J. F. Annett, & S. Kruchinin (Eds.), New Trends in Superconductivity (pp. 85-94). Dordrecht: Kluwer.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-002B-389F-5
Preface. Part I: Cuprate superconductivity. Growth and doping of MBE prepared cuprate films; I. Lagus, et al. Growth of a hard-grown single crystal-Bi2SR2Ca2O10+?; C.T. Lin, B. Liang. Exchange and spinfluctuation pairing in the two-band Hubbard model Applications to cuprate; N.M. Plakida. High temperatures superconductors in high frequency fields; C.T. Rieck, K. Scharnberg. Stripe-like inhomogeneities, carriers, and BCS-BEC crossover in the high Tc cuprates; J. Ashkenazi. Charge- and spin-density-wave superconductors: Psuedogap puzzle in the cuprates; A.M. Gabovich, et al. Strong-coupling superconductivity with d-wave order parameter and s-wave gap applications to cuprates; A.S. Alexandrov. Theory of BSCCO bicrystal C-axis twist Josephson junctions: a new phase-sensitive test of order parameter symmetry; R.M. Klemm. Time reversal breaking states and spontaneous current patterns in Josephson junction of d-wave superconductors; M.H.S. Amin. Electronic thermal conductivity of partially-gapped CDW superconductors; M.Ausloos. Peculiarities of the spectrum of strongly correlated electrons; A. Sherman, M. Schreiber. Pair-transfer superconductivity on doping determined bands and the psuedogap; N. Kristoffel, P. Rubin. Extended Brinkman-Rice picture and its application to high-Tc superconductors; H.-T. Kim. Many band effects in superconductivity; H. Nagao et al. Study on electronic specific heat of La2-XSrxCuO4: psuedogap and superconductivity; N. Momono, et al. Correlation between superconducting gap and psuedogap in High-Tc cooperates; M. Oda, et al. High spin paramagnetic centers in tetragonal phase of Er123, Dy123, and (er,Y)123 compounds; V. Likodimos, et al. EPR study of spin clusters in oxygen deficient R123 compounds; V. Likodimos, et al. Part II: Novel superconductors Superconductivity in pure and electron-doped MgB2: transport properties and pressure effects; B. Lorenz, et al. Superconductivity gap and electron-phonon interaction in MgB2 thin film studied by point contact; N.L. Bobrov. A two-band approach to MgB2 superconductivity; T. Örd, N. Kristoffel. Specific heat and disorder in the mixed state of non-magnetic borocarbides and a comparison with exotic superconductors; D. Lipp, et al. On the influence of a non-local electrodynamics in the irreversible magnetization of non-magnetic borocarbides; A.V. Silhanek. Spontaneous spin polarization and electronic states in platinum nano-particles towards compacted superconductivity; H.hori. Calculation of correlation functions for superconductivity models; N.N. Bogolubov. Theoretical analysis of the symmetry of the order parameter in unconventional superconductors: singlet versus triplet pairing; D. Manske. P-wave pairing in superconducting Sr2RuO4;Litak. High temperatures superconductivity of semi-localized 2D electron system with circular molecular orbits; M. Sugahara. Two- particle green function in the theory of superconductivity of HTSC and C60 crystals; A.M. Yaremko. Part III: Mesoscopic Superconductors. Vortex structure in mesoscopic superconductors; F.M.Peeters, B.J. Baelus. Quantum measurement of charge and flux qubits; Y.Makhlin. Nanostructured superconductor/ferromagnet bilayers; M. Lange, et al. Half-integer number vortices in the Ginzburg-Landau-Higgs model; G. Stenuit, et al. The hydrodynamic instability in the vortex-anti-vortex system; L.M. Fisher, et al. Magnetization of type-II superconductor. Variational Wigner-Seitz approximation; W.V. Pogosov. Study of decoherence time and electronic states in quantum dots, Josephson junctions and fractional quantum half effect "psuedo-spin"quantum computing devices; M. Sugahara. Index.