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Localisation and universal fluctuations in ultraslow diffusion processes.


Godec,  A.
Research Group of Mathematical Biophysics, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Max Planck Society;

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Godec, A., Chechkin, A. V., Barkai, E., Kantz, H., & Metzler, R. (2014). Localisation and universal fluctuations in ultraslow diffusion processes. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 47(49): 492002. doi:10.1088/1751-8113/47/49/492002.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-002D-CB6F-E
We study ultraslow diffusion processes with logarithmic mean squared displacement (MSD) < x(2)(t)> similar or equal to log(gamma)t. Comparison of annealed (renewal) continuous time random walks (CTRWs) with logarithmic waiting time distribution psi(tau) similar or equal to 1/(tau log(1+gamma)tau) and Sinai diffusion in quenched random landscapes reveals striking similarities, despite the great differences in their physical nature. In particular, they exhibit a weakly non-ergodic disparity of the time-averaged and ensemble-averaged MSDs. Remarkably, for the CTRW we observe that the fluctuations of time averages become universal, with an exponential suppression of mobile trajectories. We discuss the fundamental connection between the Golosov localization effect and non-ergodicity in the sense of the disparity between ensemble-averaged MSD and time-averaged MSD.