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Carbon and nitrogen in the bogs of the northern part of the Sym-Dubches interfluve

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Prokushkin, A. S., Karpenko, L. V., Tokareva, I. V., Korets, M. A., & Pokrovskii, O. S. (2017). Carbon and nitrogen in the bogs of the northern part of the Sym-Dubches interfluve. Geography and natural resources, 2, 114-123. doi:10.21782/GiPR0206-1619-2017-2(114-123).

The investigations made in the forest-bog complexes of the northern part of the Sym-Dubches interfluve are outlined. Evidence has been obtained concerning the spatial distribution of bogs of different genesis across this territory, their age (2900–6225 years), and the botanical (including the degree of decay), elemental (C and N) and biochemical (polyphenol complex) composition of peat deposits. It is established that carbon storage in the deposits of lowland bogs is by a factor of 1.4 higher when compared with raised bogs, in spite of their smaller thickness. It I shown that the elemental and biochemical composition along with the botanical composition of peat serves as a reliable indicator of the type of peat-formation process. The study revealed a dramatic narrowing of the values of the C:N ratio at the transition from the sphagnum raised to the lowland type of peat. Two methods of dating were used to obtain estimates of the carbon accumulation rates in raised bogs (riams). For the upper (up to 70 cm) layers we used the age of pine trees (Pinus sylvestris L.) and for the lower (up to 400 cm) layers — the method of radiocarbon dating. Ascertaining that the carbon accumulation rate in the upper layers of the peat deposit exceed more than twice the rate for the entire core: 84.7 and 30.1 g C/m2 per year, respectively.