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La jurisprudence de l’OMC = The Case-Law of the WTO, 1999-1


Ruiz Fabri,  Hélène
Department II, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, Max Planck Society;

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Stern, B., & Ruiz Fabri, H. (Eds.). (2007). La jurisprudence de l’OMC = The Case-Law of the WTO, 1999-1. Leiden; Boston: Nijhoff.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0001-19DD-B
WTO, OMC, these abbreviations are now well known throughout the world and the organization contained in these three-letter acronyms has become a principal actor in international relations – economic and other. Everyone knows that a large part of its impact in international society comes from a revolutionary dispute settlement mechanism (DSM) that forms part of the World Trade Organization. More than 330 claims have been deposited in ten years, of which 115 led to reports of ad hoc panels and more than half of those led to a report of the Appellate Body. This bilingual volume is only the fourth volume in a series, which has the ambition to present the “jurisprudence” of this new mechanism, in a simple, coherent and systematic fashion. It is the result of intense cooperation between the two editors, and it is hoped to become a major reference work for all interested in the jurisprudence of the WTO and more generally in the regulation of economic relations with respect to international trade and all its multiple implications on the daily life of everyone.