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Coupled spin S = 1/2 dimer systems based on nitronyl-nitroxide biradicals

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Wolf, G., Cong, P., Remović-Langer, K., Borozdina, Y., & Mostovich, E. (2009). Coupled spin S = 1/2 dimer systems based on nitronyl-nitroxide biradicals. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (pp. 905-908). Bristol, UK: Institute of Physics.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0002-EAE1-8
Due to the collective behaviour of their magnetic excitations, arrays of coupled S = 1/2 spin dimers, exposed to a magnetic field, are of general interest in solid state physics as they can be considered as the source for generating a gas of interacting bosons. We present a new class of coupled spin-dimer systems based on purely organic building blocks. From magnetic susceptibility and magnetization data of various nitronyl-nitroxide biradicals, we extract the influence of the bridging ligands on the intra-dimer coupling constant Jdimer. The target materials show moderate values of Jdimer ranging from 5 to 10 K, and indications for significant inter-dimer couplings. The moderate size of these couplings, together with the high flexibility against chemical modifications, make these materials promising candidates for studying interacting quantum objects under well-controlled conditions.