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Gênese e Morfologia das Lagoas Costeoras do Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

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Schwarzbold, A., & Schäfer, A. (1984). Gênese e Morfologia das Lagoas Costeoras do Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil. Amazoniana: Limnologia et Oecologia Regionalis Systematis Fluminis Amazonas, 9(1), 87-104.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0004-71B6-F
The present paper is a contribution to the ecological and biogeographical classification of the coastal lakes from the Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. The knowledge of the lake origin together with the morphological characteristics of the studies coastal lakes provide the understanding of ecological and biogeographical relationships. The presented morphological characteristics have been worked out from own field studies, while the discussion of the lake origin is a result of a critical literature review. The coastal lakes can be classified on their morphological structure, in relation to their nutrient contents and their communities. The three lake groups are: 1. deep lakes, until 11 m depth 2. medium-deep lakes, with a depth around 3,5 m 3. shallow lakes, maximal depth 1,5 m. Based on this investigation a new formula for the calculation of the medium-depth is proposed, different from these of the IBP-Programme. The relation between the maximum and the medium depth is z = 0,75 z(max)^0,83 and can be considered as typical for the morphological characteristics of extrem shallow lakes or lagoons.