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High Resolution Brillouin Sensing of Micro-Scale Structures

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Zarifi, A., Stiller, B., Merklein, M., & Eggleton, B. J. (2018). High Resolution Brillouin Sensing of Micro-Scale Structures. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 8(12): 2572. doi:10.3390/app8122572.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0004-B5A7-3
Brillouin distributed measurement techniques have been extensively developed for structural health monitoring using fibre optic nerve systems. The recent advancement in the spatial resolution capabilities of correlation-based Brillouin distributed technique have reached the sub-mm regime, making this approach a suitable candidate for monitoring and characterizing integrated photonic devices. The small dimension associated with the short length of these devices-on the order of the cm- and mm-scale-requires high sensitivity detection techniques and sub-mm spatial resolution. In this paper, we provide an overview of the different Brillouin sensing techniques in various micro-scale structures such as photonic crystal fibres, microfibres, and on-chip waveguides. We show how Brillouin sensing is capable of detecting fine transverse geometrical features with the sensitivity of a few nm and also extremely small longitudinal features on the order of a few hundreds of mu m. We focus on the technique of Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis (BOCDA), which enables such high spatial resolution for mapping the opto-acoustic responses of micro-scale waveguides.