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Catalog of revised astrophysical parameters from Gaia DR2


Fouesneau,  Morgan
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Max Planck Society and Cooperation Partners;

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Fouesneau, M. (2019). Catalog of revised astrophysical parameters from Gaia DR2.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0005-D12C-E
Gaia DR2 offers us a first glimpse at the most detailed view of the dynamics of field star populations in our Galaxy. However; knowledge of the stellar properties of these populations is critical to understanding fully the Milky-Way's formation and evolution. We present an all-sky uniformly derived catalog of stellar astrophysical parameters for hundreds of millions of stars implementing our data processing of the next Gaia data release. As the DR3 BP/RP spectra are not yet available; we combined measurements of Gaia integrated photometry with GALEX; 2MASS; and WISE photometry; where available as an alternative to cover a large wavelength range. We obtain the posterior probability distribution of stellar properties such as age; mass; temperature; bolometric luminosity; distance; and dust extinction by fitting these sets of SEDs with evolutionary models; taking advantage of the GDR2 parallaxes to uniquely link atmospheric parameters to absolute bolometric luminosities. This catalog bridges the gap between the content of GDR2 and the future GDR3 which will provide stellar parameters using Gaia data alone. This represents a key first step to anchor all current and future spectroscopic surveys to a common ground and provide us with the most comprehensive view of our Galaxy.