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Conference Paper

Transit and Radial velocity Interactive Fitting tool for Orbital analysis and N-body simulations: The Exo-Striker


Trifonov,  Trifon
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Max Planck Society and Cooperation Partners;

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Trifonov, T. (2019). Transit and Radial velocity Interactive Fitting tool for Orbital analysis and N-body simulations: The Exo-Striker. In AAS/Division for Extreme Solar Systems Abstracts.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0005-D22E-B
I present a new very powerful and fast GUI tool for exoplanet orbital analysis and N-body simulations. It uses a brand new RV fitting library called "RVmod", which can model the stellar reflex motion caused by dynamically interacting planets in multi-planetary systems. The "Exo- Striker" tool offers a broad range of tools for detailed analysis of transit and Doppler data. Some of the key features of the tool are: - Period search via power spectrum analysis (GLS for RVs & TLS for transit data) - Keplerian and dynamical RV modeling of multi-planet systems - Transit, or joint Transit and RV modeling - Gaussian Processes modeling - Parameter optimization (Simplex, LM, TNC, Powell and many more) - MCMC (via emcee) and Nested sampling (via dynesty) - Long-term stability check of multi-planet systems - Fully interactive, high- quality, exportable plots ready for publication - Import/export of working sessions - Export of ready-to-use LaTeX tables with best-fit parameters, errors and statistics - Text editor, Bash-shell (Linux only) and a fully Integrated Jupyter shell - "RVmod" engine can be used as stand alone standard Python library (i.e. without the Exo-Striker GUI, simply as "import RVmod as rv") The tool is cross-platform compatible (works on MAC OS (10.6+), Linux (Suse, Mint, Ubuntu, etc.) and Windows 10), and it combines Fortran efficiency and Python flexibility. The "Exo-Striker" can be found on the "github" under https://github.com/3fon3fonov/trifon.