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Testing Swampland Conjectures and the Emergence proposal in a two-parameter Calabi-Yau model


Panea,  Daniel
Max Planck Institute for Physics, Max Planck Society and Cooperation Partners;

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Panea, D. (2019). Testing Swampland Conjectures and the Emergence proposal in a two-parameter Calabi-Yau model. Master Thesis, LMU and TU München, München.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0005-D739-9
This thesis starts in Chapter 1 with a short review of some of the Swampland conjectures, mainly the Distance conjecture and the Weak gravity conjecture. We then discuss the emergence proposal and its relation to the previous conjectures. In Chapter 2 and 3 we take a detour, introducing the relevant points of string compactifications and D-branes on Calabi-Yau manifolds needed for the following discussion, mainly moduli spaces of Calabi-Yaus, their special geometry, and supersymmetric cycles. After the introduction of the necessary concepts in the first three chapters we turn in Chapter 4 to the main body of this thesis which consists in its majority of original work. We introduce first the two-parameter Calabi-Yau manifold P^4_{11222}[8] and its moduli space which has already been studied in the literature. The original work and new results consist of identifying and studying towers of D-branes becoming light at the large volume point in moduli space and their relation to the Swampland conjectures and Emergence. We find that these towers of D-branes satisfy the Distance conjecture and the Weak gravity conjecture and furthermore are in most cases in agreement with the expectations from the emergence proposal. Most notably, and the main result of this thesis is that the leading behaviour of the prepotential of the N = 2 low-energy effective theory at the large volume point can be thought of as emergent from integrating out these towers of branes.