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Exploring Subvoxel Structures in Brain Tumors using Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting

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McGivney, D., Deshmane, A., Badve, C., Ma, D., Gulani, V., & Griswold, M. (2017). Exploring Subvoxel Structures in Brain Tumors using Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting. Poster presented at 25th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017), Honolulu, HI, USA.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0006-9AAF-8
We apply a partial volume analysis to MR Fingerprinting brain tumor data. In the analysis, the number and types of tissues that make up a given voxel are not assumed to be known a priori, which is particularly important in the case of abnormal tissues, such as tumors or edema. We examine the partial volume results in a patient with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and another with a metastasis to look for patterns in healthy tissues, tumor, and the peritumoral region.