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Specialty Photonic Crystal Fibers and Their Applications


Novoa,  David
Russell Division, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Max Planck Society;
Department of Communications Engineering, Engineering School of Bilbao, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU);
IKERBASQUE, Basque Foundation for Science;


Joly,  Nicolas
Joly Research Group, Research Groups, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Max Planck Society;
Department of Physics, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität;

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Novoa, D., & Joly, N. (2021). Specialty Photonic Crystal Fibers and Their Applications. Crystals, 11(7): 739.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0008-E0F8-3
This year not only commemorates the 60th anniversary of nonlinear optics with the seminal experiment of second harmonic generation, but it is also the 30th anniversary of the invention of the photonic crystal fiber (PCF). Following their first practical demonstration in 1996, PCFs have rapidly evolved into an established platform for applications in both academic and industrial environments. Their unique ability to confine light in a far more versatile way than possible with conventional optical fibers facilitated the expansion of the multifaceted world of PCF to cover not only nonlinear optics, but also many other disparate fields such as interferometry, beam delivery, laser science, telecommunications, quantum optics, sensing, microscopy, and many others.