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Hidden Effects of Negative Stacking Fault Energies in Complex Concentrated Alloys


Körmann,  Fritz
Computational Phase Studies, Computational Materials Design, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Max Planck Society;
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands;

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Pei, Z., Dutta, B., Körmann, F., & Chen, M. (2021). Hidden Effects of Negative Stacking Fault Energies in Complex Concentrated Alloys. Physical Review Letters, 126(25): 255502. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.255502.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0009-46A5-E
Negative stacking fault energies (SFEs) are found in face-centered cubic high-entropy alloys with excellent mechanical properties, especially at low temperatures. Their roles remain elusive due to the lack of in situ observation of nanoscale deformation. Here, the polymorphism of Shockley partials is fully explored, assisted by a new method. We show negative SFEs result in novel partial pairs as if they were in hexagonal close-packed alloys. The associated yield stresses are much higher than those for other mechanisms at low temperatures. This generalizes the physical picture for all negative-SFE alloys. © 2021 American Physical Society.