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Increased knowledge transfer by using modern high-speed camera

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Curticapean, D., Wozniak, P., Israel, K., Vauderwange, O., & Dreßler, P. (2014). Increased knowledge transfer by using modern high-speed camera. In Proc. SPIE 9188, Optics Education and Outreach III.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-0009-7480-3
A broad theoretical knowledge in Optics and Photonics is essential for media engineers. A combination of theory in the lectures augmented by practical work during the laboratory experiments forms the foundation of our gradual approach in communicating clearly and intensively all of the required topics. All laboratory experiments are guided but carried out by the students themselves and produced with a modern high-speed camera. This offers possibilities to analyze and iterate very fast phenomena. The slow motion footage makes it easily to analyze, to measure and to calculate certain sequences. This leads to a very intensive discussion regarding the provided topics and the used camera technology, resulting in a high standard knowledge transfer. Physics get now visible and more accessible for students. This paper presents how the students execute and analyze experiments using modern technology. The results are prepared as media-friendly computer animation and video recordings.