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Journal Article

scBrainMap: a landscape for cell types and associated genetic markers in the brain


Turck,  Christoph W.
RG Proteomics and Biomarkers, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Max Planck Society;

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Chi, Y., Qi, R., Zhou, Y., Tong, H., Jin, H., Turck, C. W., et al. (2023). scBrainMap: a landscape for cell types and associated genetic markers in the brain. DATABASE-THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DATABASES AND CURATION, 2023: baad035. doi:10.1093/database/baad035.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/21.11116/0000-000D-3F7B-4
The great variety of brain cell types is a fundamental element for neuronal circuits. One major goal of modern neuroscience is to decipher the various types of cellular composition and characterize their properties. Due to the high heterogeneity of neuronal cells, until recently, it was not possible to group brain cell types at high resolution. Thanks to the single-cell transcriptome technology, a dedicated database of brain cell types across species has been established. Here, we developed scBrainMap, a database for brain cell types and associated genetic markers for several species. The current scBrainMap database contains 4881 cell types with 26 044 genetic markers identified from 6 577 222 single cells, which link to 14 species, 124 brain regions and 20 different disease states. scBrainMap enables users to perform customized, cross-linked, biologically relevant queries for different cell types of interest. This quantitative information facilitates exploratory research on the role of cell types with regard to brain function in health and disease.