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Collected Edition

Discourse studies in Mesoamerican languages 1: Discussion

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Jones, L. K. (Ed.). (1979). Discourse studies in Mesoamerican languages 1: Discussion. Dallas: SIL and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0012-97C2-D
Contains: 'A discourse particle in Cajonos Zapotec' by Jones, Larry B. and Donald G. Nellis // 'Dynamics of reported speech in Totonac' by Reid, Aileen A // 'Tense, tense embedding, and theme in discourse in Mazatec of Jalapa de Diaz' by Schram, Terry L // 'Rank of participants in Huasteca Nahuatl' by Beller, Richard and Patricia Beller // 'Verbal suffixes of prominence in Western Tarahumara narrative discourse' by Burgess, Donald H // 'Highlighting in Aguacatec discourse' by McArthur, Lucille E // 'Theme in a Mazatec story' by Schram, Terry L // 'Participant reference in narrative discourse in Mazatec of Jalapa de Diaz' by Schram, Judith L. and Linda K. Jones // 'The role of aspect in distinguishing Aguacatec discourse types' by McArthur, Harry S // 'Prominence and dominance in Coatzospan Mixtec narrative' by Small, Priscilla C // 'Tense-aspect in Totonac narrative discourse' by Bishop, Ruth G // 'Plot structure in Lachixio Zapotec discourse' by Persons, David // 'Multiple levels of information in discourse' by Jones, Larry B. and Linda K. Jones // 'Towards a discourse perspective of modes and tenses in Kickapoo narratives' by Jones, Linda K. and Ned R. Coleman