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Imaging of leukocytes within the rat brain cortex in vivo

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Villringer, A., Dirnagl, U., Them, A., Schuerer, L., Krombach, F., & Einhaeupl, K. M. (1991). Imaging of leukocytes within the rat brain cortex in vivo. Microvasculare Research, 42(3), 305-315. doi:10.1016/0026-2862(91)90064-I.

Cite as: http://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0010-BB68-A
Confocal laser scanning microscopy was used in a rat closed cranial window preparation in order to study rhodamin 6G-labeled leukocytes within the brain cortex in vivo. Leukocytes were visualized up to 150 μm beneath the rat brain surface in noninvasive optical sections. In pial venules, leukocytes were seen flowing with the blood stream, rolling along or sticking to the endothelium, and migrating through the vessel wall. Within cerebral capillaries, leukocyte flux, velocities, and leukocyte plugging were measured. After additional intravenous administration of fluorescein, the plasma, leukocytes, and erythrocytes were visualized simultaneously. Based on stacks of optical sections of fluorescein-labeled capillaries, the individual capillaries were localized within the three-dimensional microvascular network. The usefulness of this technique was illustrated in a feasibility study in which leukocyte sticking to the vascular walls of venules, leukocyte extravasation, and intracapillary leukocyte plugging were monitored in a model of global cerebral ischemia.