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Untersuchung der Hydrierung von Acrolein an Silberkatalysatoren


Steinhauer,  Bernd
Inorganic Chemistry, Fritz Haber Institute, Max Planck Society;

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Steinhauer, B. (2007). Untersuchung der Hydrierung von Acrolein an Silberkatalysatoren. PhD Thesis, TU-Berlin, Berlin.

The present thesis examines in the context of the DFG project 1091 with the topic “From single crystal systems to real catalysts on the example of the hydrogenation with silver catalysts”, the aspect of the overcoming of the pressure- and material gap. For that the selective hydrogenation of Acrolein to Allylalcohol with silver catalysts in the pressure range between 0,1mbar and 1bar with a reaction study was investigated. Additional methods of the surface science like TPD, SEM, TEM, XRD and BET as well was used to characterize the catalyst. The main question is the use of the method TPD to characterize a real porous catalyst. The focus of this work is the combination of a reaction study (applied research) and TPD (fundamental research). A pressure barrier for the formation of Allylalcohol was found. First with a pressure ≥ 100mbar Allylalcohol was formed. A treatment of the Catalyst with air elevates Conversion and selectivity to Allylalcohol significant and reproducible. With the method TPD no conclusions to the elementary steps of the reaction are possible. This method show mechanisms like diffusion, condensation and thermal decomposition what overlay desorption.