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Systematische Exploration stoffbezogener Umweltproblematiken: Beispiel Atmosphäre


Lammel,  Gerhard
Climate Processes, MPI for Meteorology, Max Planck Society;

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Lammel, G. (2002). Systematische Exploration stoffbezogener Umweltproblematiken: Beispiel Atmosphäre. Umweltwissenschaften und Schadstoff Forschung, 14(4), 245-253. doi:10.1065/uwsf2002.01.002.

With the aim of providing results for precautionary environmental politics at an early point in time, a strategy is being sought to optimize the identification of research objects in substance-related environmental research. Both, proven as well as potential substance risks are considered as such. This approach is meant to support pro-active elements in environmental chemistry (as opposited to re-active elements associated with environmental damage). In the atmosphere, substance risks are created by perturbations of functions of the atmosphere and of other natural spheres, as far as atmospheric functions are part of the cause-effect relationships. A complete risk assessment includes exposure and effects analyses, a prerequisite for the latter is the identification of critical effect thresholds (in general: criticalities). However, the state of knowledge in many cases does not allow for a quantitative analysis of the cause-effect relationships. Exposure analysis can be significant for the identification of relevant research objects, because the quantification of the spatial and temporal extent of the potential damage constitutes an important risk category which can be addressed by exposure analysis. Examples for priority issues of substance-related environmental research are given based on combined exposure and effect analyses, as well as on exposure analyses alone. References for the knowledge production process in substance-related environmental science are provided in the field of risk assessment and using the syndrome concept.