Video 2: Imaging of diffusing beads

FromUltrafast, temporally stochastic STED nanoscopy of millisecond dynamics

Journal name:
Nature Methods
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Published online
Streaming video does not reproduce the original video quality. Download the video using the link below to view at original quality.
Moving yellow green beads with a diameter of 100 nm are imaged with a frame rate of 793 fps. Many beads were diffusing freely in the water/glycerol film between the cover slip and the cover slide. Some beads were attached to the cover slip. The video in the upper-left panel shows the raw data during STED acquisition. A Gaussian filter with a full width at half maximum of 90 nm was applied to the data shown on the upper-right. The bottom-left panel depicts the raw data of the diffraction-limited confocal imaging of the same area. These data were smoothed with a Gaussian filter of 180 nm width and shown on the bottom-right. The video is slowed down 10 times for display. The original acquisition time was 1.66 sec.

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