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Inspection Unit for Substrate, Inspection Apparatus for Substrate and Method of Substrate Inspection using the Same

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A substrate test unit, a substrate test apparatus having the same, and a substrate test method using the same are provided to fix, transfer and test a substrate, loaded from a first conveyor, by using lower rollers and fixing members corresponding to the lower rollers, and unload the substrate to a second conveyor, thereby minimizing an installation space and reducing manufacturing costs. Lower rollers(200) transfer a substrate(10) in a lower part of the substrate. A fixing member(300) is disposed so as to correspond to the lower rollers and fixes the substrate. A driving device drives the lower rollers by being coupled with the lower rollers. A test unit(400) tests the substrate transferred to a test area by the lower rollers. The fixing member includes upper rollers(310) disposed in an upper part of the substrate so as to respectively correspond to the lower rollers.