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Descricão morfossintática de língua shanenawa (Pano)

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Cândido, G. V. (2004). Descricão morfossintática de língua shanenawa (Pano). PhD Thesis.

Cite as: https://hdl.handle.net/11858/00-001M-0000-0012-67A5-5
This thesis aims to present an analysis of the Shanenawa language (Pano) that will exhibit some phonological aspects, the morphology and the syntax of the language. For this purpose the work is distributed in four basic parts: I. In the Introduction, we present a concise historical and cultural outline of the Shanenawa people, the linguistic classification and the methodology applied in this research; II. In Aspects of the phonology, the phonetic/phonologic features of the language are described taking into account two specific subjects: stress and nasalization; III. In the Morphosyntax I, we show a description of the word classes (or parts of speech) as well as morphological structure; IV. In the Morphosyntax II, we describe the single and complex clauses structure and some syntactic features such as case marking, switchreference system and others interclausal reference systems. Complementing the text a brief conclusion and a bibliographical reference are presented. Moreover, some annexes containing a lexicon of the language and a map of geographic localization of Shanenawa people are also included. Finally, a document of the land demarcation of the village is presented PM6773 , ISO-Code 639 : knt, Panoan languages